Easy Tips to Train / Exercise More Effectively

If we are going through the effort of training, exercising, etc then it is probably a good idea to make the most of it, eh? Let’s talk about some tips that we can do to improve our workouts.

  • Incorporate Cross Training
    • This could be a different cardio workout or even different strength training. If we continue with the same workout routines our muscles start to learn the exercises to the point where our benefits may decrease. One easy way to help with this is to mix in random other workouts for cross training. This keeps the muscles confused enough and my also help to improve your focused training, whether it be cycling, running, or just working out in general. This also helps to break up the monotony of our fitness regimen, if that is an issue for you.
  • Change Your Workout Intensity
    • We do not necessarily have to conpletely change our workouts but sometimes just changing how we are executing them helps. With cardio maybe we incorporate intervals or speed drills. In the group fitness room maybe you use bigger movements, add more risers to the steps, etc. With strength changing maybe we changing the order or maybe we lift heavier for fewer reps. There are many ways we can confuse the body and as long as the moves are safe, don’t be afriad to experiment a bit!
  • Use a Heart Rate Monitor
    • Heart rate monitors can be an effective tool to use when exercising. They help us track how hard we are working and how we are improving over time, among many other benefits. For people who like to train within different energy zones, or heart rate ranges, they can be used to see if we are where we need to be. They can also show how our performance changes over time, for the better or worse.
  • Adjust Your Nutrition Accordingly
    • I read about so many people who workout, workout, workout .. and the cut their eating down. They think by burning crazy calories and starving the body the weight will come off quicker. Not a smart move.. and it does not work. If you’re losing weight in general you will have a specific calorie deficit each day but as we exercise our total allotted calories will adjust. The goal is to meet your calorie budget which is:
      • Daily Calories + Exercise Calories = Calories Consumed + Weight Loss Calorie Deficit
      • As an example … if a person had a daily calorie goal of 2,000 calories but was trying to lose weight, their plan may recommend a deficit of let’s say 300 calories. They worked out for an hour and burned 400 calories. Their day would look like this
        • 2,000 daily calories + 400 calories from the workout = ???? + 300 calories less each day
        • ???? = they should aim to consume 2,100 calories for this specific day

There are definitely many other ways that you can tweak your workouts to get the most out of them but this is a good start. We will look at more in a future post!

Thanks for reading!

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