Spinning / Indoor Cycling – Strength Profile (60-11-03)

I have decided to start posting some of my spinning / indoor cycling class profiles online. I am being asked constantly about the music and the profile itself so I figured they may be worth sharing 🙂

I’ve been making my playlists public on Spotify so feel free to follow me! My username is spinninredhead or you can just click this link!

((I also have playlists for different spinning movements .. i.e. seated flats, standing climbs, etc. … and by BPM … i.e. 130BPM, 120s, etc.))

This profile was a strength ride, aside from the first and last song. I tend to start strength classes with a flat burst, then I like to end classes with one more push to the end.

This profile starts out with that flat burst at the beginning, to get the blood and heart rate going. Next, it works into a series of 3 hills, where seated climbs at Uma Thurman and Dance, Rock, Shake, Pop give them a chance to active recover and find both the mental and physical strength to push ahead.

The music goes from slower and intense to a bit faster and upbeat towards the end to help push them through the mental challenges that come with this strength profile. Incorporating movement within a few of the songs really helps to dig into the muscular strength and also work the supporting muscles within the legs.

This one was a great ride. The beginning started as a confidence builder which carried through the tougher spots within the class. The last burst in ‘Go!’ (by Autoerotique, which for some reason is not loading into the widget) was done as a seated climb with standing climb attacks out of the saddle (in the fast spots of the song), and was great for reminding the riders of the accomplishments they had achieved in class.

I hope you enjoy and definitely follow me on spotify as I will keep posting new rides!

Thanks for reading!

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