Running in the Winter – Cold, but possibly better than that treadmill!

It’s funny .. so seasons I love to run in the winter and then others I forget that it’s not so bad and I grumble on those cold days. While I like running on the treadmill less I still have to keep reminding myself that a chilly winter day is not so bad for a run, if you are smart about it!

  • Dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer out than that thermometer says. When you run your body temperature is going to go up … and it does this pretty quickly. If you walk out dressed like an eskimo you will be peeling the layers back in no time!
  • Dress in layers, so that you can tweak your gear if you did not get it quite right. A base layer and then an outer layer may work, that way if you are too warm you can scale down because you have the options to do so easily.
  • If it’s cold, cover that head! Remember what we were told when we were younger? … Body heat escapes from your head. If we’re out and it’s cold let’s grab a hat to wear.
  • Wear sunscreen. Most people assume that since it’s winter there is no need but the sun is no less pleasing to your skin in the winter than it is in the summer.
  • Sun > shade. If it’s chilly out maybe you run on the sunny side of the street? It can help by 10 degrees or more, depending on the day.
  • Watch where you step. Did it just snow? Is there a little ice in places? Winter is the time we need to watch those surfaces a bit closer so that we don’t hit a patch and take a spill …

If you’re still scratching your head over what to wear outside, you’re in luck! This page is one that I check all of the time when I am second guessing my running gear! Give it a few details and it will give you a pretty good recommendation!

Thanks for reading!

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