Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 60 Minute Interval Profile 50 strength / 50 endurance – full flip (60-11-12)

We are still working on our general pyramid / progressive profile, currently on our way back to a full strength ride.

This one is a 50% strength / 50% endurance ride but it’s cut in half, aside from the first song .. so we climb for the first part then it’s all endurance on the way out. There are less strength songs in the front half but they are also longer songs than are in the back half!

Let’s looks and I’ll talk it over below! I believe all of the songs are Spotify songs so hopefully they show up in the widget as well 🙂

Warm UpDangerous – I love this song. I haven’t played it lately because I was wearing it out so it’s nice to have it back into a profile!

Seated Flat – Burn it to the Ground – Starting with a great seated flat that is energetic but not extreme. This gets the heart rate going!

Strength  – Rock that Body (Skrillex Remix) – we start the first half in strength, starting here. This is done as a climb but moving in and out of the saddle in order to really warm the legs up. The hill should be challenging but not impossible this early on.

Strength – Alone Again (Voodoo and Serano Remix) – This song is great .. I cannot remember where I found this. This builds onto the hill and has a great beat to keep the riders with

Strength – Superbad – I ride this as a seated climb. I love this song. I would play it more often if it did not make me look obsessed ..

Strength It’s Not Over – This is the last of the strength songs. This one seems to go on forever! It has about a 30 second dead spot around the 42-ish second mark but it’s so worth playing! It’s high energy and will keep the riders pushing through it.

Endurance Fire – This is where we switch to the faster pace. The options are to surge on the choruses as a seated flat (AKA the Fires) or to recover if they need the time.

Endurance – NRG – Thanks to BODYPUMP I LOVE this song. I typically add in movements during the song, working at an endurance pace.

EnduranceNot Myself Tonight – This is another faster pace, high energy song. This late in they are starting to feel fatigue so these tempos keep them pushing ahead.

Endurance – Move it Shake it – I add movements on this song as well. It tends to feel longer than it is so the movements really do help.

Endurance – Let the Groove Get In – This is that last push at the end of class. I typically ride this out of the saddle with the option to sit if they want to. The words are simple and it feels long, but it’s Justin!

Endurance – Black Betty – I always end with a seated flat and I try to end with one that has a good punch to it. Black Betty is great. The ‘big’ surge is in the middle but I believe that I teach this with 5 surges total .. I’d have to count one time.

Cooldown – Sugar

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to follow me on social media! I have most profiles public and also profiles by move types, BPMs, and you name it. I am a playlist loving fool 🙂



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