Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 45 Minute Interval Profile with Loops (45-03-09)

Here is another spinning  / indoor cycling playlist for you all. It’s 45 minutes and is set up in 3 loops.

The three loops look like this:

  • Song with movement in and out of the saddle
  • Song either seated or standing
  • Seated flat

The profile is mostly fast and flat but I threw in a couple of hills to throw the legs off. Also the profile is designed to be progressive, as in each round the songs were more challenging to get through, the flats were tougher surges, etc.

Sounds simple but it was a great one! My heart rate stayed in Zone 5 for most of this one .. I added a photo of my stats below!

Warm Up – Dance with Me Tonight

Endurance Seated Flat – Live in this City – I had enough time for one more song and it had to be a seated flat 🙂

Endurance Movement Song 1941 – Thanks BODYPUMP for getting me HOOKED on this song. I cannot wait until Release 93 is launched at our gym. It’s funky, upbeat, and perfect to move on. The second I heard it I had to go look in Spotify to see if it existed there!

Endurance Flat Shake it Off (Taylor Swift’s regular version in case it is not showing up above) – I heard a rumor that Taylor pulled her songs from Spotify and if so, it may not show up above. This song is great in the first round because it has a high BPM and that just pulls you in.

Endurance Seated Flat – Greyhound – I love Greyhound and the version I used may not be showing up above. This one is 3:28 long and is from Now Dance 3. It has, I believe, 3 surges and it’s a very energetic song from Swedish House Mafia.

Endurance Movement Song – Voodoo Child – My friend played this one time in BODYPUMP and I fell in love. A few months later someone posted a song on Facebook with Voodoo in it and reminded me of Voodoo Child. Since then the Spotify version has been making it’s share of appearances in my playlists 🙂

Strength Climb – Sad Song – There is a longer version of this song that is equally great and is more than 7 minutes long. But since this was a 45 minute class I grabbed the shorter one from Spotify.

Endurance Seated Flat – Welcome to Africa – This is great. I do two surges at the beginning with 16 counts between them, there is a short break and then you are off again. Finally there is one more to finish out the set of 4.

Moderate Gear Movement Song NRG – Another THANKS BODYPUMP for finding awesome music tributes 🙂 These are not BP versions, of course, but they are still awesome in their original formats. We add the gear halfway between endurance and strength to test the legs through this.

Moderate Gear It’s Not Over – This has a 30 second dead spot in the song but it’s so worth it. It feels much longer than it is so it’s a real test to get through at the end of class.

Endurance / Seated Flat – Bangarang – This could be my all time favorite flat. It’s a bit crazy and I bit more intense, and a perfect way to end class!

Cooldown – No Good for You

Polar M400 with Stats from Indoor Cycling ClassHere is a breakdown of my numbers … hello to Zone 5 most of the class on this one!!

Thanks for reading!


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