Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 60 Minute Interval Profile – 75% endurance / 25% strength (60-12-03)

I have not posted a spinning / indoor cycling profile in a minute so I thought that I would share one today 🙂

I’ve been working with my classes on a progressive profile transition and today wrapped the last one up. Now we are moving on to endurance / speedwork profiles for March and April.

First, the playlist:

The way I set this up is that we first started out working in endurance, then we switched to our final hill (for now), then we switched back into endurance to finish class. Simple enough? 🙂

All of the songs are Spotify songs so they should play when you click them in the profile above.

Warm Up – Ten Feet Tall 

Endurance – 1941 – I may have to ban myself from playing this song. I am seriously in LOVE with it ..

Endurance / Seated Flat – Pump It – This is a good, high energy seated flat from the Black Eyed Peas.

Endurance – Let the Groove Get In – This song is the first of three longer songs. The long songs are good, in my opinion, as they test the riders mental and physical determination to make it through the song.

Endurance – Recess – Skrillex is a common artist in my playlists. When the songs go big, they go big. This could probably be used as a seated flat but I’ve not tried that .. yet.

Strength – Jumanji – First of the three strength songs. This is not necessarily the full climb but enough to challenge the legs and slow the pace into the climbing range.

Strength – Shots – So, I may like this song. I don’t know if I have played it before in spin but it worked pretty good as a climb.

Strength – Little Red Corvette – the last of the hills, this is the second long song. Again, testing the mental and physical determination of the rider. On a side note, I typically only have one long song per class but I had requests .. and I aim to please 🙂

Endurance – Freak – Back to the flat road. I like to mix intervals in this song and they seem to fit well. Going from regular endurance tempo to surges, just enough to feel the change. You can fit a bunch in here and they work well.

Endurance – Not Myself Tonight – I like this song. I play two versions and this is the shorter of the 2. It’s fast paced and pushes you through it.

Endurance – It’s Not Over – I LOVE this song. It’s a bit relentless and has enough to keep you with it to the end.

Tabatas – Bulletproof Tabata – I would love to find more tabatas without the coach .. or ones without excessive coaching. This one is not too bad but I would love to find more.

Cooldown – Prayer in C – I have no idea where I picked this song up from but I like it.

Polar M400 - spinning / indoor cycling profile 60-12-03According to my Polar M400 GPS heart rate monitor watch I burned 589 calories in class, spending most of my time in training zones 4 & 5. For me, in an hour I typically average about 525-535 calories. I *wish* I could burn more because I would eat every last calorie right after class 🙂 .. so this is a high number .. and what I like to see!

Thanks for reading!

I have tons of playlists on Spotify, by BPMs, by moves (i.e. seated flats, standing climbs, etc). Feel free to follow me as I am constantly adding to my playlists 🙂


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