Taking an Early Look at the Polar A300 Heart Rate Monitoring Watch

Looking for a new heart rate monitoring watch for your workouts? If so then you may want to consider the Polar A300 Heart Rate Monitoring watch.

I’ve previously been talking about the Polar M400 watch so you may ask .. what’s the difference?

In a gist .. if you workout indoors at a gym, at home, etc. and / or swim then the Polar A300 may be for you. If you take your workouts outdoors then you may like the GPS option that can be found on the Polar M400. Sure, there are other differences but in a nutshell that may be the deciding factor for most people between the two.

Before we get started .. if you’d like to see all of the blog posts that I’ve written for the Polar A300 I’ve made an easy link for you.  Then, if you’d like to see all of the blog posts I’ve written on the Polar M400 I’ve made an easy tag for that too!

For transparency purposes, I will mention that I am a Polar Ambassador however the opinions and discussions in this article (and this blog) are my own. 🙂

So, let’s quickly look at the Polar A300 to start, then we’ll dive in a bit deeper in future blog posts.

The Polar A300 is a relatively new heart rate monitoring watch released by Polar. It’s a fitness and activity tracker, as in it will track your workouts and even your daily activities. Yes, it’s the new evolution of fitness watches .. this watch is giving you those  wonderful 24/7 stats on your steps, activity levels, and even sleep! Paired with a heart rate monitor and you can track and train while monitoring your heart rate for more effective training and results.

Polar A300 How to Switch out the watches band
With the Polar A300 it takes just seconds to switch the watch band out for a new color!

What’s even funner about this watch is that it’s easy to personalize .. by switching out the watch band for different colors.

It may take you 10 seconds, if you move really slow :), to take the super soft band apart from the watch and switch it out for another color. It’s a small design tweak that really gives a new dynamic to the watch as something you wear every day!

Ok, so that’s fun but let’s look at what it has to offer.

So, as I mentioned before, the Polar A300 is both a daily activity tracker and also a heart rate monitoring watch. From the main menu you are presented with a few screens:


This is where you will see your daily activity stats. This includes your current percentage, when compared to the goal you set, your active time, smart calorie estimate, total steps taken (so far), and approximate distance walked. Additionally,
if you have not reached your goal it will tell you what it take for you to reach it.

Let’s look at my example in the photo. I’m currently at 53% of the goal I gave myself every day. According to my watch, in order to make 100% I’ll need to either:

  • jog for 41 minutes
  • walk for 1 hour and 34 minute
  • be up for 5 hours and 15 minutes

The difference between the activities of this watchPolar A300 - looking at the Main Menu Items and an activity tracker / pedometer is that your goal is not necessarily based on steps, but instead based on ‘active time,’ which is why you see the 5 hours and 15 minutes of ‘up’ time.


According to their website has a “Memory capacity up to 60 days (with daily activity tracking and 1 hour of daily training).” That’s great! For me, I personally only want to see the stats for this week, and maybe last week, on the watch. For everything else I usually go to their website.

We’ll look at History in a future blog post but for now just know that you can dive into the History menu and see lots of glorious stats on how hard you’ve worked today! 🙂

Fitness Test:

The Fitness test is good tool to see how we are improving in our fitness journeys. You’ll want to do this when you first get the watch and then again periodically as you continue to improve your overall health. A good rule of thumb is to reassess ourselves about every 6 – 8 weeks. Not too often but often enough to notice progress.


General settings about ourselves, watch settings, and all kinds of other tweaks!

Ok, so this is a good start!

If you are asking the question .. is this a good watch or not, I can tell you that YES, it is! We’ll talk about it in more details, and eventually talk about Polar’s Flow site, but if you have any specific questions or topics, please let me know and I will cover them for you!

Thanks for reading!

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