Pushing through the Hiccups in Life

In my ‘real job’ we’ve been working on a project for two years that just went into production. It was a major effort and during the switch I had to sub out most of my classes and work non-stop, through it all. Fun? Yea, not really.

Almost as a ‘thank you for donating your existence to us right now’ the company brought lunch in for us every day last week. Did I mention that I love food? Yea, I mean I really do. So last week my consistently good eating took a nose day for pasta, pizza, burgers, and bbq .. OH MY!

This is what happens .. we slip a bit and then the guilt becomes so much worse than the damage we are actually doing. Was I eating like crazy? Really I wasn’t ‘that’ bad .. I was just eating my larger meal for lunch then lighter in the evening.  I was watching it to a point.

But I’d look in the mirror and think I gained 25 pounds .. I wasn’t exercising for 4 days (which never happens to me!). I was probably taking in more sodium than normal … and definitely drinking less water than normal.

I was moping about it but I stopped ….

If You StumbleI reminded myself that I alone was making these decisions … both that I was, how much, and what else I was not doing that I knew I should.

Then I asked myself .. what is more important .. my health or those burgers.

That was it.

We get lured into temptations .. no matter what shape you are or are not in. It happens to everyone. Yes, it is ok to take a detour on occasion because we are human and we need those guilty indulges. But, if we want to live a healthy lifestyle we have to be mentally strong enough to want health over temptation.

We know where that other path goes .. we also know where this good path goes.

We never stop choosing the right or wrong path. The temptation really never goes away. Stay strong, regroup, and stay the course. It is worth it.

Thanks for reading!

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