Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 60 Minute Profile – Endurance / Speedwork Looping Profile (60-12-08)

I have not added a spinning playlist in a minute so I thought it was time .. or passed it!

This one is a good one. I actually used it twice and both times it was tough.

Right now I teach 4 classes at 2 different gyms. With one gym they are working on an endurance / speed based period with me and at the other gym it is hills, hills, and more hills! Needless to say my legs are confused from teaching at one extreme then the other!!

This is an endurance and speedwork profile. It incorporates quite a few (optional) speed drills in it. After the first two songs it actually becomes a looping profile, repeating the same pattern three times, with the intensity going up with every round.

So, let’s have a look:

Warm UpI Don’t Like It – Do I think I found this on New Music Tuesday? Wherever I first found it, I thank them. I love this song.

Endurance with Mixed Movement Breakn A Sweat – For my class, and for this song, I used a lot of movement through the different positions, in and out of the saddle. This taps into all of those transitional muscles and really gets the body warmed up pretty early on.

Endurance – I Ran – This is the first long song of two. I put it in early to give the riders and early-on test of their legs along with their mental and physical endurance state for class.

Seated Flat Brand New Key – This song is spunky! I picked this one off of a great facebook post along the way. It starts cute and then it takes off! The surges are on the choruses .. they’re pretty easy to pick out.

Endurance / Speed Drill Recess – So this is the first seated / standing speed drill. I believe that there are three in here. The goal is to sustain endurance tempo (80-110 RPMs) while seated, which is typically easier to accomplish. Then, on the bursts within the song the riders come out of the saddle and just find that pushing / uncomfortable tempo (or they have an option to just maintain endurance tempo). In most cases they’ll (easily) still remain within the recommended flat tempo (80-110 RPMs). If they can get above it then I’d recommend adding gear to the bike for both safety and efficiency.

Endurance – Rock that Body (Skrillex remix) – We spent the last two songs playing with tempo and interval burst. This song is working on maintaining pace and that heart rate while pushing ahead.

Seated Flat – Everybody Talks – end of round 1. Seated flat with surges. The first two surges are ‘typical’ but that last one is big 🙂

Endurance / Speed Drills – Jungle Bae – So I believe it’s that Skrillex and Diplo have made this spin-off group called Jack U and it’s amazing. Same rules from above apply. Round 2 is tougher but manageable.

Endurance – Not Myself Tonight – Same rules again. Make sure the riders maintain / push ahead and stay in the class. It gets tougher with every round.

Seated Flat – Dance Dance – Seated flat with surges

Endurance / Speed Drills – Beats Knockin’ – This one is great and the last one for good reason. It’s pushy and pushing some tired legs at this point.

Endurance – It’s Not Over – The last of these .. this song is great and feels longer than it is, although it is not a short song!

Seated Flat – Welcome to Africa – This has just enough to be challenging at the end but still capable after everything the class has just done.

Cool DownHey Jude

Polar M400 GPS Heart Rate Watch with calories burned in spinning / indoor cycling classThis one earned me about 100 more calories than normal. I’m usually around 530 calories in an hour spin class, no matter how hard I fight that bike .. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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