How Can We Be Better Fitness Instructors?

How can we be better fitness instructors? I think about this quite often because it’s important to me that people find value in myself, and my classes, as helping them towards their fitness goals. Like most people I am always striving to learn more, to reach more, to do more.

What can we do as instructors, to improve? Here are a few of my thoughts …

  • Be personable, yet professional.  People should be comfortable coming up to you, asking questions about their health, and possibly talking about personal details that may be affecting their goals. At the same time you want to have a decent boundary where your respect as an instructor doesn’t get compromised.
  • Be knowledgeable, but don’t answer questions you don’t know. I’ve witnessed instructors over time that ‘circled’ around questions because they did not know the answer. There is nothing wrong with saying you don’t know, or that you will find out and get back to them. Give them correct information. I had a member come up to me one time asking about yoga modifications for pregnancy. I was clueless … so I went home, went to my research options, and returned the next day with a list of modifications she needed to make.
  • Get them involved. I ask my people all the time to give me song requests and people generally enjoy to hear their suggestions ‘come to life.’ When you let the members be a part of the class they’ll love the experience that much more.
  • Ask for feedback. Sometimes we cringe on asking for feedback, thinking it’s going to hurt our feelings. Guess what? We only see ‘our version’ of ourselves. Good or bad, sometimes it is good to receive feedback. That helps us to ‘tweak’ our presence, our teaching. It may help us describe something different or find a new way to motivate others. Don’t want to put people on the spot? What about creating a suggestion box, or handing out papers to your members for people to submit at will? Trust me, you’ll enjoy the positives and you’ll appreciate the quality suggestions.
  • Always think about fitness progression. I try to not settle into my teaching. Make every class a bit different and think of new ways to challenge your class and keep them out of those fitness plateaus.
  • Keep up with the fitness times. It’s good to keep up with trends (good or bad). We can learn new positive things and we can also be prepared to field questions on the topics that we may not agree with.

I am sure I could add many more but that is a great start 🙂

Happy day and thanks for reading!

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