Group Fitness Instructors – How Can We Improve Our Class Attendance?

This is a question that I see floating around often enough that I believe it’s worth talking about. As fitness instructors, how can we improve our attendance in class?

I wish that there was a magic formula .. or if you do X, Y, and Z your numbers will definitely go up. But .. there’s not.

Instead let’s talk about some tips that could help:

  • Get them involved — People want to participate. Ask them what they want to work on, what moves they love or love to hate, even ask them what songs they want to hear in class. When you give them a chance to contribute they’ll enjoy seeing their opinions come to life in the next class!
  • Ask questions — This also rolls into getting them involved but it also creates an open environment where people will talk to you. I have been teaching this class for a few months. They are a quiet, quiet group but week after week I ask for song suggestions and other feedback. Over time they start talking to me about that, or other things. Now, they are not so quiet 🙂
  • Care about teaching — This one sounds silly but it’s not. People can see a passionate and knowledgeable instructor. At the same time they can see one who is not ‘there’ in class with them. No one is ever going to get rich from teaching .. that is not why we teach day in and day out. If you don’t love what your doing, if you don’t love helping people reach their fitness goals, then you may want to consider a different path. If they can tell they will not want to take your class because it is not very motivating.
  • Evolve your career as an instructor — We go through initial training but after that we should always seek more, learn more. It makes us better instructors and more knowledgeable in the areas of fitness and wellness. That knowledge translates in your classes and people know quickly that you are speaking from the heart and from education. That equates to trusting you as their coach as well.
  • Ask for feedback — are you kidding me? No one wants to hear criticism. We hear it and immediately want to run into a corner and hide. But, knowing and improving our teaching will make us both a better and stronger instructors so, it’s tough but worth it.

We’ll talk about more later but for now that is a start!

Happy day and thanks for reading!

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