Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 60 Minute Profile – Endurance / Speedwork Profile (60-13-10)

I have not posted a spin profile playlist in a while and so I thought I would share one 🙂

Right now I teach spinning / indoor cycling at two different gyms. At one gym for the month we are focusing on endurance / speedwork profiles and at the other we are working in strength. Needless to say my legs are ‘adjusting’ the going from one extreme to the other!

This was one I taught recently … the goals was to work on seated flat surge improvement while sustaining strong tempos through the rest of class.

The entire profile is an endurance profile, with cadences between 80-110. Knowing that we can briefly look at the details.

Let’s have a look…

 The goal of the profile is to work on the speed intervals during the seated flats. The seated flats are up to the riders whether it’s  small bump in pace or a full out spinning surge. When not in those songs the goal shifts to maintain that endurance pace and momentum. As the seated flats progress they will challenge the rider’s ability to keep pushing ahead.

I typically give options both in and out of the saddle with the intent to work with every personal goal in class. I also always finish with a seated flat as that last ‘blast’ to end class. Turbulence definitely does that …

The seated flats are Juicy Wiggle, Welcome to Africa, Black Betty, Born to Get Wild, and Turbulence.

This playlist is pretty upbeat and ‘pushy’ on tempo, which helps when you are tired! The music keeps you moving!

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

I have tons of playlists on Spotify, by BPMs, by moves (i.e. seated flats, standing climbs, etc). Feel free to follow me as I am constantly adding to my playlists 🙂


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