Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is a topic that I am not so good with, in some cases .. comfort zone.

When it comes to fitness I am ok with pushing myself way outside of my comfort zone because I walk in with that confidence that I can successfully do so. Other things .. not so much.

Why should we not step outside of our comfort zone?

There are quite  few unknowns with it. It’s a leap of faith and sometimes the result is not what we expected or wanted.

Why should we step outside of our comfort zone?

The result may change who we are as a person for the better. Maybe we get stronger, have better perspective, learn invaluable lessons from it, or gain a new level of personal confidence.

We all started out at one ‘level’ in life and by taking chances we have gotten to where we are now. The only way we can improve upon our ‘today’ self is to roll the dice and see what happens. If we are stronger enough on the inside then we are capable of getting uncomfortable.

Happy day and thanks for reading!

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