Welcome to my blog!!

I’m an AFAA certified Group Fitness instructor. In addition to that I teach Les Mills BODYPUMP, Les Mills CXWORX, Mad Dogg Spinning, Yoga, cardio / bootcamp / kickboxing / step classes, muscle conditioning, and a few other classes!

I am also a runner, having run 2 (going on 3!) full marathons, too many half marathons, all the way down to 5ks and less! I run in the heat, the cold, and everything in between!

And .. I’m also a cyclist and a bike commuter. I bike commute 5 days a week no matter the weather. Yes, I bike in the bitter cold and snow! When I’m not teaching classes I will cycle outdoors as well, having at times been racing on both mountain bikes and road bikes.

I work a full time job and teach part time but I teach quite a few classes each week! I feel blessed with the ability to teach great classes and help people on their fitness journey. I’ve been there and done that and feel that if my experience can help just one other person out there, it is worth sharing!


I remember my first time walking into the gym. I was unhappy, had a few more pounds than I wanted, and felt I was being shoved into something that was going to make me miserable.

I spent the first year working with a personal trainer. Once a week I’d meet up with her for 30 minutes .. so once a week I worked out for 30 minutes. At the end of the year I felt I was not benefiting from it (of course!) and asked myself .. what now?

A friend and I walked into a group fitness classroom. Everything changed.

.. I found the fun in fitness ..

Years later and those miserable pounds have left and never come back. I transitioned from being a member to being an instructor, at multiple gyms. I enjoy helping people, motivating people, being inspired by people. It’s about finding your path, which includes happiness, health, personal value, and so many other things that help us live a better life.

So, let’s talk about it, shall we?

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador        Fit Approach - Sweat Pink

Polar Ambassador 2015         FitFluential Is Fitness Found


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