Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 45 Minute Interval Profile 50/50 (45-02-04)

I taught this 45 minute profile the other day and really enjoyed it. I actually taught it a few weeks prior as well and was trying to remember which profile it was. I have been running short on time this week so I dug the notes out for this one and re-taught it … it was apparently a great coincidence!

This one is almost a 50/50 split between strength moves and faster paced tempos, with long enough focuses to really test both the mental and physical aspects of the class.

Ok, let’s have a look at this one a bit closer..

  • DeliriousWarm Up.
  • Move It, Shake ItEndurance Track. Note to all, I love the Jump Smokers’ remixes. They are worth checking out. The tempo of this song helps to really warm the legs up and get the heart rate going.
  • Love in the 21st Century – Endurance Track. Neon Trees has a few songs that make great seated flats. This is one of them. The only tricky part is that the second surge starts 4 counts sooner that you think. It will sneak up on you, if you’re not aware of it.
  • RevolutionStrength Track. I think this was on a previous profile. I will admit to playing it a few times lately .. 🙂 .. This one is inspired by CXWORX.
  • Heart Upon My SleeveStrength Track. When I first heard this song I was not into it but it has grown on me. Climbing in this one, with legs already tired from Revolution, this one starts to dig deeper into the legs along with the riders’ mental / physical strength and endurance.
  • Thunder – Strength Track. One more strength track before we switch. The legs are tired now so that switch is going to be a physical challenge as we switch fast and furious to the next song …
  • Greyhound – Endurance Track. So this one is not showing up on the list because it’s not a Spotify version. It’s a 3 1/2 minute version of the song by Swedish House Mafia. It’s a FANTASTIC seated flat. The tempo changes are hopefully easy to pick out when you listen to it.
  • Jealous –  Endurance Track. This is a good up tempo song to move into the last part of class now. After Greyhound the class is going to be winded and challenged. Using this song helps to push them ahead while taking advantage of the elevated heart rate.
  • What Do You Want From Me – Endurance Track. We’ll add half the gear back on for this one as we start to move into the one last hill.
  • Marilyn Monroe – Strength Track. Last strength track. The legs have gone from quick paces to a heavy climb set, then back to quick, and now this. They should be feeling this song!
  • I Love It – Endurance Track. I love this song, and hate this song! It’s short and mean .. and is that one last, massive push to finish class. The seated flat surges are 30 / 45 / 20 seconds long.
  • Stereo Love – Cool Down … the best part of class, right? 🙂

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Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 60 Minute Interval Profile 50 strength / 50 endurance – full flip (60-11-12)

We are still working on our general pyramid / progressive profile, currently on our way back to a full strength ride.

This one is a 50% strength / 50% endurance ride but it’s cut in half, aside from the first song .. so we climb for the first part then it’s all endurance on the way out. There are less strength songs in the front half but they are also longer songs than are in the back half!

Let’s looks and I’ll talk it over below! I believe all of the songs are Spotify songs so hopefully they show up in the widget as well 🙂

Warm UpDangerous – I love this song. I haven’t played it lately because I was wearing it out so it’s nice to have it back into a profile!

Seated Flat – Burn it to the Ground – Starting with a great seated flat that is energetic but not extreme. This gets the heart rate going!

Strength  – Rock that Body (Skrillex Remix) – we start the first half in strength, starting here. This is done as a climb but moving in and out of the saddle in order to really warm the legs up. The hill should be challenging but not impossible this early on.

Strength – Alone Again (Voodoo and Serano Remix) – This song is great .. I cannot remember where I found this. This builds onto the hill and has a great beat to keep the riders with

Strength – Superbad – I ride this as a seated climb. I love this song. I would play it more often if it did not make me look obsessed ..

Strength It’s Not Over – This is the last of the strength songs. This one seems to go on forever! It has about a 30 second dead spot around the 42-ish second mark but it’s so worth playing! It’s high energy and will keep the riders pushing through it.

Endurance Fire – This is where we switch to the faster pace. The options are to surge on the choruses as a seated flat (AKA the Fires) or to recover if they need the time.

Endurance – NRG – Thanks to BODYPUMP I LOVE this song. I typically add in movements during the song, working at an endurance pace.

EnduranceNot Myself Tonight – This is another faster pace, high energy song. This late in they are starting to feel fatigue so these tempos keep them pushing ahead.

Endurance – Move it Shake it – I add movements on this song as well. It tends to feel longer than it is so the movements really do help.

Endurance – Let the Groove Get In – This is that last push at the end of class. I typically ride this out of the saddle with the option to sit if they want to. The words are simple and it feels long, but it’s Justin!

Endurance – Black Betty – I always end with a seated flat and I try to end with one that has a good punch to it. Black Betty is great. The ‘big’ surge is in the middle but I believe that I teach this with 5 surges total .. I’d have to count one time.

Cooldown – Sugar

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Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 60 Minute Interval Profile 25 strength / 75 endurance (60-11-11)

My classes are still going through the New Year’s Progressive Profiles for one more round and this profile is the start of the change back into the strength profile.

The playlist is below (it won’t show the non-Spotify music) and I’ll break it down a bit more below it 🙂

The bulk of the class is working at endurance / non-hill pace except for 3 songs in the middle. It’s enough to throw your rhythm off and then make you restart back into the faster pace!

Warm Up – Sugar – Maroon 5. Love!

Endurance – Jealousy – We used this as movement in and out of the saddle to really warm up the legs.

Seated Flat – Welcome to Africa – This is a great seated flat. When the music takes off I squeeze two surges in, with a 16 count break in between. Then two more during the rest of the song.

Endurance – Freak On (Peter G ReWerk) – I like this remix! It’s a bit old school, and then a bit older school. It’s a fun tune for spinning

Seated Flat – Burn it to the Ground – One more seated flat before we switch into the small section of strength

Strength – Uptown Funk (Rhythm Scholar Jungle Funk Remix) – This is a great remix to an overplayed song. It mixes in Jungle Boogie and brings a little old school with it!

Strength – Dance Rock Shake Pop – This is a good song for a seated climb. The tempo and beat is enough to keep you in it, mentally.

Strength – Take Back the Night (Kharrington’s Pump n Pitch remix) – I LOVE this version. It’s a bit more upbeat and keep pushing you through it!

20/10s – House Tabata – Switching back to that flat road on this one. This is a 20/10 version without the ‘coach’ .. I’m a fan of a little bit of cuing but most of the ones I found on Spotify are too much coaching for me. This has none and it’s very obvious to hear the changes. This is treated as a seated flat with surges, for 8 rounds.

Endurance – My Love – This is a great tempo to keep pressing ahead. The legs are tired after both the strength switch and those tabatas!

Endurance – Delirious – This is a great song for movement in and out of the saddle.

Endurance – It’s Not Over – This song goes on forever! There is a 30 second ‘dead spot’ in it but it is WORTH it. This is one of my current favorites!

Endurance – Footloose – Wrapping up class with a fantastic seated flat. This is always a popular, and challenging choice!

Cooldown – Save Room – This is a great song by John Legend!

I have lots of playlists on Spotify .. for seated flats, standing climbs, by BPMs, you name it. Definitely follow me as I’m always adding new music to them!

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Spinning / Indoor Cycling – 60 Minute Interval Profile 50/50 (60-11-07) flip flop

This spin profile is 50% strength and 50% endurance / fast pace. I decided to teach it as rolling hills .. i.e. switch between flats and hills. The first round was not so bad but into class the hills were tougher and tougher.

Like a Drum – Warm Up – Thanks to CXWORX I love this song. This is the Chainsmokers remix and while I like the original this one is a good one.

Uma Thurman – Strength – I am going to ban myself from this song. Fall Out Boy, I have nothing but love for you!

My First Kiss – Flats – This one seems to start a little sleepy. I just tell them to wait for it .. the choruses are great for those seated flat surges.

F for You – Strength – I love this song. The beats pull you in and push you ahead.

Parachute – Flats – Back to that flat road. After My First Kiss this round is already starting to feel tough. This one is a bit more challenging to keep pace in and really starts to get into the legs.

Voodoo Child – Strength – I first heard this song in BODYPUMP and last night I bumped into it. So, this song rocks socks for climbing. The beat is fast enough that it keeps you pushing through it.  Rocks socks.

Battle of One – Flats – Next seated flat and the legs were SO tired by now. This one is hard to push through but they can do it.

Alone AgainStrength – I love this one .. it’s a great beat and is good for keeping the momentum moving forward in class.

Jumanji – Flats – I used this as a moving track .. I really love the songs with that tribal vibe to them 🙂

Superbad – Strength – I saw this the other day in my playlists and could not believe that I forgot about this one! It’s a great song, and a great seated climb!

Swamp ThingFlats – The last round is LONG! It starts here and I grabbed this one off the facebook group the other day. At this point the class is exhausted from the rolling hills so it’s all about keeping them focused and pushing ahead.

I Remember – Strength – Last climb and it’s a long song. There is a break in the middle so take it if you need it.

(Below is NOT showing up on the profile)

Free the Madness – Flats – This one is probably not on the list because I took a version of it and tried to move all those F bombs .. and every other bomb. Free the Madness is CRAZY and a great way to finish the class.

This is What it Feels Like – Cooldown – Finally …

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** I also have playlists by spinning moves: i.e. seated flats, standing climbs, long songs, etc. and by BPMs.

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