Joining Team Polar as an Ambassador for 2015

We all love great news, but I especially love great news when it shows up on a not-so-great day.

I have joined on as a Polar amabassador for 2015!

Working part time in the fitness industry, along with constantly Polar Ambassador 2015training myself, I am a huge advocate for heart rate training. Knowing your numbers, knowing where your body is today, next week, and next month can make huge differences in the results we see in our training.

When it comes to heart rate training, in my opinion (which happened long before joining this!), Polar cannot be beat.

This gives me an opportunity to not only provide the people in my classes with more knowledge and education on heart rate training but also reaching people through this blog.

So, be on the lookout .. we’ll stay the course on our regular discussion but we will also add in more talks about heart rate training, knowing your numbers, and using them to reach your fitness and health goals!

I am so excited to get started with this!

Thanks for reading!

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