Why Finding Fitness?

So, I used to blog on another site .. a personal blog. It started out as personal ramblings. It turned into photography blog posts. Then it turned into ramblings. Then into fitness. Then I gave up. It had no focus and I lost focus.

Based on discussions online I was inspired to start blogging again, but I wanted this time to work out.

See, I have quite a few certifications under my belt. I also am very fascinated with the human body in general and how we operate. How we get stronger. I have seen how I’ve changed over the years and I have figured out how and why because, well I wanted to do it right, and I wanted it to last.

For all of those reasons, and more, I’m both pretty knowledgeable inĀ fitness and also very passionate about it as well. At the gyms I teach at I love (LOVE) the members, and love helping people on their own journeys.

So, I start researching names for a new domain. It’s 2015 and nowadays someone has already bought the best names. I searched for finding.fitness and it was open. That was it.

I’ve been working out, teaching, and on my journey for years and years now. Some people are just starting out today. Some are starting over. No matter where we are in our journey we are always finding fitness. Some days it comes easier. Other days it feels like we are pulling teeth to get motivated. But we never just find it once and keep it.

So, finding.fitness it is. Let’s keep finding it. Let’s keep improving our lives. Let’s keep moving ahead.

Thanks for reading!

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