What Does it Take For Us to Stay Committed?

What does it take for us to stay committed? Ok, maybe I am not going to be able to answer that question for you in this blog post, but let’s talk about it anyway and start to think this through.

Let’s stay focused .. this is a health and fitness blog so let’s think … what does it take for us to stay committed to ourselves in those two areas?

Everyone is different. For me, years back I hit my ‘rock bottom,’ reaching a weight that was my breaking point. While I crawled into the gym with my tail between my legs I was still not ‘committed.’ I was going through the motions, barely, for the first year. Then I found it.

For me it was finding ‘fun’ in fitness and also finding my inner competitive chic that I did not really know existed. She came out and all of a sudden I wanted to see just how far, and how much, I could go and do with myself, my body and muscles. It’s a bit of competitiveness and it’s a bit of fascination with the human body, both mentally and physically.

That .. is me.

If you’re stuck and trying to make that jump ask yourself what will it take for you to commit and never look back. Maybe it is knowing that you can shed yourself of diabetes, you can have a few more years with your family by improving your health. Maybe it’s that you will give yourself an hour of ‘me time’ in the midst of our crazy and chaotic lives.

If we cannot find a way to willingly commit to the act of being healthy and staying healthy, then the odds are not in our favor that we’ll make it.

So, think on it, find it, and believe in it. Trust the motivation and believe in the process. Then, take steps to change your life. Trust me, it is worth it.

If you have questions, let me know! Thanks for reading!

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