Spinning / Indoor Cycling – Every Instructor May Need a Device Stand!

So, like most instructors, I teach at more than one gym in town. There are definitely benefits, which I may talk about in a future post 🙂

Recently, one gym added a device holder for the spin instructors to use. You basically clip it to the bike then use it to hold your device .. in my case my iPod Touch. Well .. thanks to that gym I had to go buy one for myself

Android / iPhone / iPod / Smartphone holder with clipLet’s talk about it!

The concept is simple .. you clip it to the bike and then you open the other end and slide your device into it. Normally, I’d keep my iPod Touch on top of the stereo when I use it and then have to keep leaning over to see where we were in the songs. Now, it’s right there in front of me!

The one I bought is pretty slick too because it has a long stretch of bendable cording so you could really twist and turn this anywhere you need it. As you can see in the screenshot I don’t need the extra length so I kinda have it tucked in tight.

Anyway, if you teach at a gym where you teach with your own music I definitely suggest getting yourself one! Mine is made by Abco Tech and I paid $20 for it on Amazon .. it is worth every penny!

While in my case it helps in teaching spin classes, this really has so many more uses! Anywhere you can clip on to something you can use this!

I hope this helps!  Thanks for reading!

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