Finding that Balance ..

So, this is something that I’ve not been so good at lately .. finding that balance.

A little background.

Over the past few months I’ve moved too many pieces to my life puzzle … I’ve changed my teaching schedule a bit (for the better) but have still been subbing way too often (I just don’t know how to say no..).

The big item is that I’ve searched, visited, found, and purchased my next home. Anyone who has gone through that knows that it’s a big undertaking. I’ve been trying to pack and purge the last 14 years of my life (OMG the closets are never ending ..!!)that are in my current home.

I’m now trying to meet, plan, and proceed with renovations that I want to do to the house before I move in. Next up I have to order the flooring, kitchen, etc that I want for the contractors to install, which is stressful.

Then, the fun part .. not .. moving houses. I am dreading that but I think I still have about a month or so before that happens. Next up I have to prepare my current house to sell.

Argh …

So .. to my point. Lots of moving parts but you know what, we all have them. We have troubles, stresses, positives, focuses, achievements .. so my ordeal is not much different than anyone else’s. life.

My downfall is that I have let the chaos take me on a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve slacked off on things that are important to me because I’ve been working on other things. Yes, those things (like packing and purging) ARE important but we have to learn to balance the needs with the wants .. or the end results may not be what we had hoped for.

What could happen?

Ah .. we could crash and burn out, losing all motivation for everything. Too much work, too much focus, and no breaks.

We could lose ourselves in the confusion, leading us to stop making progress because we’ve lost site of the end goals.

We could just stop caring just to ‘get it done’ … now the quality and efforts that we were maintaining will take a nose dive.

.. … well, none of that sounds good to me.

I’ve had moments where I’ve just needed a big nap. I look up and I lost hours of time. I have had moments where I’ve been completely unproductive, which does me NO good. I keep telling myself that ‘suck it up’ and soon you’ll be moved and you can get back to normal.

But I’m missing the point…

We add in curveballs all the time. We need to maintain our stance and adjust our swing a bit. Then take off running with the momentum we have always had.

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Keep Your Focus (whether in fitness, nutrition, or in life itself)

Keep your focus. Sounds easy enough, eh? We all know that sometimes it is harder than we think.


It’s so easy for us to become distracted in life, veer slightly off the path, and then wander a bit further. Next thing you know we look up and we have completely taken a wrong turn from where we meant to go.

There are always going to be kinks in life. Everyone has them, all the time. It could be personal drama, work stress, a bit of a cold, an injury from exercising, .. .. anything really. While it’s important to deal with those kinks as we encounter them it’s also important that we keep our focus and get back on track with our lives.

We are also going to have those moments when weakness gets the best of us. We’re human .. it happens. Trust me, it happens 🙂 What is important is that we recognize those moments, stop, regroup, and get back on track. But don’t wait until “Monday.” Start now.

We can do this!

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Pushing through the Hiccups in Life

In my ‘real job’ we’ve been working on a project for two years that just went into production. It was a major effort and during the switch I had to sub out most of my classes and work non-stop, through it all. Fun? Yea, not really.

Almost as a ‘thank you for donating your existence to us right now’ the company brought lunch in for us every day last week. Did I mention that I love food? Yea, I mean I really do. So last week my consistently good eating took a nose day for pasta, pizza, burgers, and bbq .. OH MY!

This is what happens .. we slip a bit and then the guilt becomes so much worse than the damage we are actually doing. Was I eating like crazy? Really I wasn’t ‘that’ bad .. I was just eating my larger meal for lunch then lighter in the evening.  I was watching it to a point.

But I’d look in the mirror and think I gained 25 pounds .. I wasn’t exercising for 4 days (which never happens to me!). I was probably taking in more sodium than normal … and definitely drinking less water than normal.

I was moping about it but I stopped ….

If You StumbleI reminded myself that I alone was making these decisions … both that I was, how much, and what else I was not doing that I knew I should.

Then I asked myself .. what is more important .. my health or those burgers.

That was it.

We get lured into temptations .. no matter what shape you are or are not in. It happens to everyone. Yes, it is ok to take a detour on occasion because we are human and we need those guilty indulges. But, if we want to live a healthy lifestyle we have to be mentally strong enough to want health over temptation.

We know where that other path goes .. we also know where this good path goes.

We never stop choosing the right or wrong path. The temptation really never goes away. Stay strong, regroup, and stay the course. It is worth it.

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