Learning to Have Filters, Sometimes …

There is that common joke out there about the husband and the wife. The wife is sitting there, complaining about this, complaining and that, and so on to the husband. He’s sitting there as if he’s listening to her. She asks him a question and his mind is blank. He was filtering her out. Now she’s even madder and starting over .. 🙂

Maybe that is not the type of filtering that I am referring to .. completely .. but sometimes it is worthwhile to have a few filters on.

I believe that every day we wake up and make a series of choices on how we choose to live and feel about our day. Even though we make choices there may be a series of unexpected obstacles that get in our way.

These obstacles may be from yourself, a parent, a spouse, money, school, or something else altogether.

While we definitely don’t want to ‘ignore’ that issues I think it’s important to not let them burden us more than they have to at one time. Sometimes we can only shoulder so much at once so that we can take it in, manage it, and correct it (if that’s an option). They we can handle more.

We should deal with obstacles in life by filtering them in .. in reasonable quantities. Break them into smaller, manageable pieces.

Happy day and thanks for reading!

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