When Cleaning Up Your Eating May Be Worth It for Auto-Immune Issues

It’s been a while. I’ve been thinking about resurfacing but life has been busy! Not that it has changed but apparently I found time!

While I’ve not been posting I have still been encountering a few things worth sharing. I’ll try to share them out as I have time.

First, a bit of background for anyone unfamiliar.

I have rheumatoid arthritis, or what I’ll refer to as RA in this post. I am trying to remember how long I’ve had it but I can’t remember. It’s probably been since 2013 or 2014 but that is just a guess.

At first it was annoying, I had a few flared up fingers, and sometimes it was frustrating that it made me felt limited in my life. Any pains or inconveniences that I experienced I was willing to tolerate them as opposed to letting them change my life.

To complicate things I was hit by a car I believe a year and change ago while biking to work.

While I walked away with any major injuries what did happen was that it sent my RA into cycles of rage. What annoying at first turned into almost unbearable .. and they started to happen more often. Sometimes I’d get hurt and sometimes it would just ‘happen’ .. I’d go through a week work of moving pains. It usually started in an extremity (i.e. ankles, hands, etc) for a day and a half, take a day off then move in closer to the center, and repeat the cycle all the way in. It would last about a week on and off. I’d be up miserable all night screeching in pain and by 4pm the next day I was back to normal until the ‘next cycle.’

So, a few things happened.

#1 I went to my doctor and he bumped my meds up, although I said ‘just a bit’ for now because I don’t want to medicate more than I need to. After xx weeks the flare ups would still surface but they weren’t as bad. They would, however, limit my ability to function and teach classes.

#2 I started taking probiotics consistently. I read an article that mentioned that probiotics may be linked to RA and figured it can’t hurt to see if they help with it or not.

#3 I start cleaning up my eating. I will admit to occasionally being tired or lazy and opting for quick food .. not necessarily fast food but quick and convenient food at home.

One day I looked down and noticed that the swelling in my hand was better.

One day I noticed that it had been months since my last flare up.

One day I noticed that my joint mobility limitations were .. all but gone.

I can’t say for sure that anything in #2 or #3 above helped with this but I have no reason to steer off course. Since noticing this I have also been talking to my mother, who has IBS (another autoimmune disease), about probiotics and cleaning her diet up. I am hopeful that it helps her out in the same way.

If this makes life a bit more normal than before then I have no problem keeping all of this momentum going!

I’ll check back in later!


Holding Yourself Accountable

This is one of those topics that people either love, or hate.

Holding ourselves accountable, holding ourselves to standards.

Why should we? Well, I suspect that the opinion varies but these are at least my thoughts on the subject. I / We deserve to have standards and expectations for what I do, how I act, what decisions I make, etc.

This keeps us strong, physically, mentally, morally, and so on.

It doesn’t have to be a 24 / 7 fight or effort but we need to stand our ground often enough that the end result works in our favor.

I like to think of it like this .. make one better decision at a time. Focus on each decision and less about the ‘big picture.’ If you do that often enough then one day you will look up and see that you’ve made progress without it feeling overwhelming!

At the same time, when things don’t go our way it’s important to be a realist and take responsibility for our ‘share in it.’ No, that doughnut did not force it’s way into our mouth .. and no one made you super size those fries. We have to ‘own it’ then figure out what it will take to not repeat it again.

Here is the deal… we are human and unfortunately not perfect. We’re going to make mistakes .. again and again. When it happens .. well, there is no point in beating ourselves up something that is now in the past. So, instead pick yourself up, dust the dirt off, and get back on track.

So .. our plan is this .. try to stay on track more often than not. Try to limit those detours but still forgive ourselves when they happen. Own up to what happened to cause them, decide how to avoid them again, and move on 🙂

Happy day and thanks for reading!

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