Work Out Rules for Home – 2 minutes towards Getting Stronger!

I occasionally implement workout ‘rules’ for home.

I write this because I am about to start doing them again 🙂

I noticed the other day that my biceps are not as strong as they were last month, which means I have been slacking off on them lately. So I’m starting my work out rules for home again.

Here’s how it works …

I have a pull up bar over the door frame in my bathroom. Every time I walk into the bathroom I have to do 5 pull ups.

Every time I walk downstairs I have to do 10 pushups or more and 5 one legged squats (on each side).

Here’s what happens …

You only have to do 5 or 10 so you knock them out in less than a minute each (except maybe the squats). Pull ups .. are hard .. but if you do them a few at a time and stick to it you will be AMAZED at how strong you get from them. They work wonders for my biceps too!

Work out ‘rules’ are great. Make a rule that every time you walk into a certain room you have to do certain exercises. Not many, but a few. Then, stick to it. Every day, every time. You will be surprised that a few times a day and a few minutes a day will give you an added bonus to your workout regimen!

Thanks for reading!

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