Spinning / Indoor Cycling ā€“ 60 Minute Interval Profile – 75% endurance / 25% strength (60-12-03)

I have not posted a spinning / indoor cycling profile in a minute so I thought that I would share one today šŸ™‚

I’ve been working with my classes on a progressive profile transition and today wrapped the last one up. Now we are moving on to endurance / speedwork profiles for March and April.

First, the playlist:

The way I set this up is that we first started out working in endurance, then we switched to our final hill (for now), then we switched back into endurance to finish class. Simple enough? šŸ™‚

All of the songs are Spotify songs so they should play when you click them in the profile above.

Warm UpĀ – Ten Feet TallĀ 

EnduranceĀ – 1941 – I may have to ban myself from playing this song. I am seriously in LOVE with it ..

Endurance / Seated FlatĀ – Pump It – This is a good, high energy seated flat from the Black Eyed Peas.

EnduranceĀ – Let the Groove Get In – This song is the first of three longer songs. The long songs are good, in my opinion, as they test the riders mental and physical determination to make it through the song.

EnduranceĀ – Recess – Skrillex is a common artist in my playlists. When the songs go big, they go big. This could probably be used as a seated flat but I’ve not tried that .. yet.

StrengthĀ – Jumanji – First of the three strength songs. This is not necessarily the full climb but enough to challenge the legs and slow the pace into the climbing range.

StrengthĀ – Shots – So, I may like this song. I don’t know if I have played it before in spin but it worked pretty good as a climb.

StrengthĀ – Little Red Corvette – the last of the hills, this is the second long song. Again, testing the mental and physical determination of the rider. On a side note, I typically only have one long song per class but I had requests .. and I aim to please šŸ™‚

EnduranceĀ – Freak – Back to the flat road. I like to mix intervals in this song and they seem to fit well. Going from regular endurance tempo to surges, just enough to feel the change. You can fit a bunch in here and they work well.

EnduranceĀ – Not Myself Tonight – I like this song. I play two versions and this is the shorter of the 2. It’s fast paced and pushes you through it.

EnduranceĀ – Itā€™s Not Over – I LOVE this song. It’s a bit relentless and has enough to keep you with it to the end.

TabatasĀ – Bulletproof Tabata – I would love to find more tabatas without the coach .. or ones without excessive coaching. This one is not too bad but I would love to find more.

CooldownĀ – Prayer in C – I have no idea where I picked this song up from but I like it.

Polar M400 - spinning / indoor cycling profile 60-12-03According to my Polar M400 GPS heart rate monitor watch I burned 589 calories in class, spending most of my time in training zones 4 & 5. For me, in an hour I typically average about 525-535 calories. I *wish* I could burn more because I would eat every last calorie right after class šŸ™‚ .. so this is a high number .. and what I like to see!

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Spinning / Indoor Cycling ā€“ 45 Minute Interval Profile with Loops (45-03-09)

Here is another spinning Ā / indoor cycling playlist for you all. It’s 45 minutes and is set up in 3 loops.

The three loops look like this:

  • Song with movement in and out of the saddle
  • Song either seated or standing
  • Seated flat

The profile is mostly fast and flat but I threw in a couple of hills to throw the legs off. Also the profile is designed to be progressive, as in each round the songs were more challenging to get through, the flats were tougher surges, etc.

Sounds simple but it was a great one! My heart rate stayed in Zone 5 for most of this one .. I added a photo of my stats below!

Warm UpĀ – Dance with Me Tonight

Endurance Seated FlatĀ – Live in this City – I had enough time for one more song and it had to be a seated flat šŸ™‚

Endurance Movement SongĀ 1941 – Thanks BODYPUMP for getting me HOOKED on this song. I cannot wait until Release 93 is launched at our gym. It’s funky, upbeat, and perfect to move on. The second I heard it I had to go look in Spotify to see if it existed there!

Endurance FlatĀ Shake it Off (Taylor Swift’s regular version in case it is not showing up above) – I heard a rumor that Taylor pulled her songs from Spotify and if so, it may not show up above. This song is great in the first round because it has a high BPM and that just pulls you in.

Endurance Seated FlatĀ – Greyhound – I love Greyhound and the version I used may not be showing up above. This one is 3:28 long and is from Now Dance 3. It has, I believe, 3 surges and it’s a very energetic song from Swedish House Mafia.

Endurance Movement SongĀ – Voodoo Child – My friend played this one time in BODYPUMP and I fell in love. A few months later someone posted a song on Facebook with Voodoo in it and reminded me of Voodoo Child. Since then the Spotify version has been making it’s share of appearances in my playlists šŸ™‚

Strength ClimbĀ – Sad Song – There is a longer version of this song that is equally great and is more than 7 minutes long.Ā But since this was a 45 minute class I grabbed the shorter one from Spotify.

Endurance Seated FlatĀ – Welcome to Africa – This is great. I do two surges at the beginning with 16 counts between them, there is a short break and then you are off again. Finally there is one more to finish out the set of 4.

Moderate GearĀ Movement SongĀ NRG – Another THANKS BODYPUMP for finding awesome music tributes šŸ™‚ These are not BP versions, of course, but they are still awesome in their original formats. We add the gear halfway between endurance and strength to test the legs through this.

Moderate GearĀ Itā€™s Not Over – This has a 30 second dead spot in the song but it’s so worth it. It feels much longer than it is so it’s a real test to get through at the end of class.

Endurance / Seated FlatĀ – Bangarang – This could be my all time favorite flat. It’s a bit crazy and I bit more intense, and a perfect way to end class!

CooldownĀ – No Good for You

Polar M400 with Stats from Indoor Cycling ClassHere is a breakdown of my numbers … hello to Zone 5 most of the class on this one!!

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Spinning / Indoor Cycling ā€“ 60 Minute Interval Profile 50 strength / 50 endurance – full flip (60-11-12)

We are still working on our general pyramid / progressive profile, currently on our way back to a full strength ride.

This one is a 50% strength / 50% endurance ride but it’s cut in half, aside from the first song .. so we climb for the first part then it’s all endurance on the way out. There are less strength songs in the front half but they are also longer songs than are in the back half!

Let’s looks and I’ll talk it over below! I believe all of the songs are Spotify songs so hopefully they show up in the widget as well šŸ™‚

Warm UpDangerous – I love this song. I haven’t played it lately because I was wearing it out so it’s nice to have it back into a profile!

Seated FlatĀ – Burn it to the Ground – Starting with a great seated flat that is energetic but not extreme. This gets the heart rate going!

Strength Ā – Rock that Body (Skrillex Remix)Ā – we start the first half in strength, starting here. This is done as a climb but moving in and out of the saddle in order to really warm the legs up. The hill should be challenging but not impossible this early on.

StrengthĀ – Alone Again (Voodoo and Serano Remix) – This song is great .. I cannot remember where I found this. This builds onto the hill and has a great beat to keep the riders with

StrengthĀ – Superbad – I ride this as a seated climb. I love this song. I would play it more often if it did not make me look obsessed ..

StrengthĀ Itā€™s Not OverĀ – This is the last of the strength songs. This one seems to go on forever! It has about a 30 second dead spot around the 42-ish second mark but it’s so worth playing! It’s high energy and will keep the riders pushing through it.

EnduranceĀ Fire – This is where we switch to the faster pace. The options are to surge on the choruses as a seated flat (AKA the Fires) or to recover if they need the time.

EnduranceĀ – NRGĀ – Thanks to BODYPUMP I LOVE this song. I typically add in movements during the song, working at an endurance pace.

EnduranceNot Myself Tonight – This is another faster pace, high energy song. This late in they are starting to feel fatigue so these tempos keep them pushing ahead.

EnduranceĀ – Move it Shake it – I add movements on this song as well. It tends to feel longer than it is so the movements really do help.

EnduranceĀ – Let the Groove Get InĀ – This is that last push at the end of class. I typically ride this out of the saddle with the option to sit if they want to. The words are simple and it feels long, but it’s Justin!

EnduranceĀ – Black BettyĀ – I always end with a seated flat and I try to end with one that has a good punch to it. Black Betty is great. The ‘big’ surge is in the middle but I believe that I teach this with 5 surges total .. I’d have to count one time.

CooldownĀ – Sugar

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Spinning / Indoor Cycling ā€“ 60 Minute Interval Profile 25 strength / 75 endurance (60-11-11)

My classes are stillĀ going through the New Year’s Progressive Profiles for one more round and this profile is the start of the change back into the strength profile.

The playlist is below (it won’t show the non-Spotify music) and I’ll break it down a bit more below it šŸ™‚

The bulk of the class is working at endurance / non-hill pace except for 3 songs in the middle. It’s enough to throw your rhythm off and then make you restart back into the faster pace!

Warm Up – Sugar – Maroon 5. Love!

EnduranceĀ – Jealousy – We used this as movement in and out of the saddle to really warm up the legs.

Seated FlatĀ – Welcome to Africa – This is a great seated flat. When the music takes off I squeeze two surges in, with a 16 count break in between. Then two more during the rest of the song.

EnduranceĀ – Freak On (Peter G ReWerk) – I like this remix! It’s a bit old school, and then a bit older school. It’s a fun tune for spinning

Seated FlatĀ – Burn it to the Ground – One more seated flat before we switch into the small section of strength

StrengthĀ – Uptown Funk (Rhythm Scholar Jungle Funk Remix) – This is a great remix to an overplayed song. It mixes in Jungle Boogie and brings a little old school with it!

Strength – Dance Rock Shake Pop – This is a good song for a seated climb. The tempo and beat is enough to keep you in it, mentally.

StrengthĀ – Take Back the Night (Kharrington’s Pump n Pitch remix) – I LOVE this version. It’s a bit more upbeat and keep pushing you through it!

20/10s – House Tabata – Switching back to that flat road on this one. This is a 20/10 version without the ‘coach’ .. I’m a fan of a little bit of cuing but most of the ones I found on Spotify are too much coaching for me. This has none and it’s very obvious to hear the changes. This is treated as a seated flat with surges, for 8 rounds.

EnduranceĀ – My Love – This is a great tempo to keep pressing ahead. The legs are tired after both the strength switch and those tabatas!

EnduranceĀ – Delirious – This is a great song for movement in and out of the saddle.

EnduranceĀ – Itā€™s Not Over – This song goes on forever! There is a 30 second ‘dead spot’ in it but it is WORTH it. This is one of my current favorites!

EnduranceĀ – Footloose – Wrapping up class with a fantastic seated flat. This is always a popular, and challenging choice!

CooldownĀ – Save Room – This is a great song by John Legend!

I have lots of playlists on Spotify .. for seated flats, standing climbs, by BPMs, you name it. Definitely follow me as I’m always adding new music to them!

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