Spinning / Indoor Cycling – Intervals Profile (60-11-05)

I subbed a class for another instructor and when I sub I detour from my standard class structure and typically teach an intervals class (I’ll have to blog about my class structure in a future post). This one was a good one .. I had a real fiesty crowd in there and we had a great ride. My regulars got the rest of the class into it and the end result is great for everyone in there!

I’ll talk about it below the playlist.

NOTE: I’ll describe the type of tracks that I used them for below (i.e. fast pace, strength, etc) but definitely use your own interpretation on building your class and what moves go with which (standing climbs, seated climbs, etc). The beauty of indoor cycling is that we all bring something new to class and we all hear the same songs differently! We can help inspire ideas with each other and then take those ideas and run down our own paths 🙂

Time of Our Lives – Warm Up – I really like this song and was happy that they released a clean version of this. Granted they don’t drop the F bomb but if I can get the language out of it, then I am a happy instructor.

Blow – Endurance Pace Track – This song is a pretty upbeat song and it actually feels longer than it is (at least for me). It’s a good one to really warm up the legs and to find the initial tempo.

(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To – Endurance Track – I love this song so so so so so much. It’s a great seated flat for the beginning of class. It has just enough ‘rush’ without wearing them out too much early on. 

Get Up Moderate Resistance Track – This track we start building in resistance. The pace needs to be quicker and yet still challenging for the legs. We’re starting to work our way into the initial climb in class.

Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold mix) – Strength Track – The first hill hits us here. I love this remix. It has a great beat and gives new life to an older, but still awesome Justin Timberlake song.

Uma ThurmanStrength Track – I may have to ban myself from playing this song because I am putting it into too many playlists lately. I LOVE Fall Out Boy and I really love this one. Still working on that same hill.

Lick It – Endurance Track – I may have to ban myself from this one too! I love the BOOMS in this track. I taught this in this profile as a seated flat but I have also taught it as a climbing track and a speedwork track. It’s so diverse and it really just pulls you in! We take the hills off for a track to throw the legs a twist on this one. The goal is to take enough to feel the difference but not lose the legs, or the riders.

Not Myself Tonight – Strength Track – Adding the hill back in for one track the class is going to feel the benefit to that flip flop in resistance that we just did.

Recess – Endurance Track – We switch again, using the same goals (take enough off to feel the change but still stay in the game). I am a big fan of Skrillex and, again, this is a song that I have used too many profiles for different purposes.

Give it to Me – Strength Track – This is the last switch back until the end. The legs at this point are feeling the burn. This is the last of the hills.

Alone Again – Strength Track – I found this one the other day and I love it. It’s a good one that helps pull you along.

I Remember – Strength Track – The last climbing song. It’s long and tests the endurance and strength for everyone.

Bangarang – Endurance Track – I think that this is one of my top 5 seated flats. It BOOMS you three times to finish class off strong.

Back Home – Cooldown – Andy Grammar has songs that are great for cooling down

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How to Solve Boredom on the Dreadmill ::cough:: I Mean Treadmill

Years ago I used to be able to run on the treadmill. I could run on it for an endless amount of times and have these deep, fantastic thoughts while I was running.

Something happened and I lost that feeling. Now, I sigh, grumble, whine, and fight myself onto the treadmill. Or I bundle up and head outside in the bitter cold.

While some days it works out there are times when you have one option: the treadmill. If you’re like me, and in a treadmill rut, these are a few things that may help break up the monotony of the run that goes .. nowhere!

  • Good tunes … great music always helps. I’d love to give you a perfect playlist for running but we all have our own unique tastes. Build a music playlist that is a bit longer than you expect to run and fill it up with upbeat music that will keep you motivated and positive.
  • Like audiobooks? Maybe try that. So I used to listen to audiobooks when I ran. It never failed .. the *best* part of the book would start up at the end of my workout. I’d reach down and add time to that treadmill every time because I had to know what was going to happen!
  • Take the boredom out of the pace. If it feels like you are coasting miserably in auto-pilot then grab the wheel and chance course. Maybe we add intervals, which are fantastic at improving our pace and endurance. Maybe we add hills to prep for rolling hill race coming up. Keep it interesting enough to where it works for you.
  • Break up the run if you must. If you just. can’t. suffer. through it .. then break it into short bursts. Maybe a few minutes here then hop off for cross training or maybe a few laps around the track. Hop back on. Wash, rinse, and repeat. It is the same principal as intervals but instead of varying the run tempo you are just varying the workout.

I hope these tips help. It is chilly here right now so I personally need to become friends with the treadmill again. These races are not going to run themselves!

I’ll talk about cold weather tips in a later post!

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