I Could Be Having a Love Affair with Socks!

Really and truly.

I’ve always worn ankle socks to the gym. You know the ones that you barely see
over your shoes? Those.

I messed my ankle up a while back and started wearing a brace. When this happenedKnee High Gym Socks - I love them! the brace was higher than the socks. So, I had to get taller socks so that the brace would not rub my skin raw while I was teaching.

I decided that if I was going to wear socks that I’d wear socks .. so, I have bought all kinds of crazy socks to wear while I’m teaching.

I LOVE them and am constantly looking for more of them!

If we are going to commit to working out as a lifestyle then we need to continue to find enjoyment in it. That is not only from the workout but from anything else we can. I love to buy great tank tops and not I love to buy socks!

I’ll have to post photos of my socks over time but for now here is one I wore the other day 🙂

Knee High Gym Socks - I love them!

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