Where Do We Look for Daily Inspiration?

So I am always curious what different things people turn to for inspiration… as far as the inspiration that keeps us moving forward day to day.

I remember a friend of mine used to keep a photo of her from her younger days on her fridge (maybe it’s still there actually). Some people put fun post it notes on their bathrooms walls. Some people watch or read inspiring things.

Personally I’d like to add a few more pieces of inspiration to my daily ‘portions’ .. 🙂

I watch the Biggest Loser for motivation on working towards my fitness goals .. aside from the drama of this season (that has tempted me to stop watching it TBH) I find the show amazing inspirational. I love seeing the light come on in their eyes .. I love seeing them reach within for the strength to overcome and be better. I enjoy that show .. most of the time .. lol

When I am at home at night sometimes I get bored and google for quotes based on my mood or what I’m thinking about .. whether it’s working out, my job, life, happiness, … anything and everything. I love reading quotes that are so simple yet so perfect for the moment!

I teach at the gym which is fantastic for motivation. I feed off my classes energy while they in turn feed off myself and the others. Your not alone in a class .. you are all fighting together. You are all trying to get stronger. I love it!

I like to read blogs about different people’s life journeys .. it is amazing that we are all different and are all going through different things .. yet sometimes our experiences, feelings, emotions, etc are so similar.

I love to look at random photos for a breath of fresh air .. I’ll just pick a topic and google it (yes, I google everything!). One days it’s tall trees, the next it’s pennies and clouds (although not together of course!)!

Does everyone need to add inspiration in to their day or do you add it in as you think you need it? Maybe I’m in a habit .. maybe I’m addicted .. maybe it’s both! I guess there are worse habits to have!

The week is almost over with .. smile 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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