Keeping Things Interesting For Your Body

I believe that I have a bit of a reputation .. I never say ‘no’ when people ask me to sub classes for them. I do it for a few reasons ..

1. I handle excessive free time poorly. I will admit it. I am lazy in my spare time and I like to munch. While I need to learn to manage my down time in the meanwhile I never say no to the chance to eliminate a bit of it.

Never Turning Down a Chance to Sub a Class!2. For instructors it always feels good when people ask you to sub. At the gyms I teach at it is usually a compliment. When I find subs I will ask only those people that I know will give the class as good of a workout in my absence.

3. It’s always good to throw a wrench into your ‘typical’ fitness regimen. It keeps the body guessing a bit more often. Guessing leads to changing and adjusting. That usually leads to good stuff!

Number 3 is what we’ll talk about.

Most people who have exercise as part of their lifestyle tend to find what they love, and they stick with it. We get comfortable and we tend to not only stick to those workouts but we also develop a pattern with exercising.

What happens? The body learns the patterns, knows what to expect, and may stop responding as much as we’d like it to.

How can we avoid this? Throw some wrenches in the mix. Maybe add a new workout in there, do things out of order (or in reverse), change the intensity and focus. Find a way to throw your workout out of what you expect it to be. Then, do it again.

Make those changes start happening for you once again because, after all, that is what we work so hard for!

Happy day and thanks for reading!

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Keep your workouts challenging, for both you and your body

I teach at a few of the local gyms, which I LOVE by the way!

Sometimes I get into a rut where I find something I love and that’s all I want to do when I am working out (and not teaching). Then, I have to banish myself from doing that again for the next few weeks!

It is easy to do something that we find fun or something our body can handle better.

For instance, I could sit on a spinning bike 6 days a week if you let me. In fact, I used to spin about 5 days a week more than a year ago. Did I lose weight? Sure, to a point … and then guess what? My body learned that song and dance and I hit a plateau. Shocked, aren’t you?

What is easy or fun is not necessarily the key to improving our physical strength.

I have made huge strides in my personal goals lately by just being random with my workouts and my lifestyle.

I have walked the steps at lunch .. up and down the stairs until it was seriously NOT fun.
I’ve added in short, mean high impact workouts.
I take random rest days so my body has no clue when it is getting a real break.
Some days I just walk, slowly.
Occasionally I will walk into the gym and hop on those rotating steps from … ahem .. down under!
Other nights I load in Beachbody’s Insanity Asylum workouts for some evening fun!

My point is this .. we like to do the stuff that is easier for us, funner for us, but sometimes you have to add in a bunch of curve balls to make sure your muscles keep responding and don’t get too used to life. So have a little of both .. the fun stuff and then shuffle in random other workouts.

Throw the cards in the air and make it different each week. Keep it fun and keep it challenging. See if that helps your journey!

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