New Year’s Resolutions – Why I am not a Fan and How We Can Look at them Better

I will admit to not being a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Maybe it’s because I look at them a bit unrealistically.

We start creating this long list of this huge goals that we want to accomplish because, this year, we are going to make 180 degree changes in our lives.

We start with the best of intentions. We are focused, unwaivering .. we are reaching HIGH and we are going to make it this time!

… Then, a few weeks later we stumble and fall. Sometimes we pick ourselves up and keep going, other times we tell ourselves that we will just take a few days and then we will start again and REALLY make it this time!

After so many falls, we get up, flick the dirt of our legs, and say forget it!  .. Mission failed .. oh well, maybe we’ll try again next year, eh?

… So, I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. For similar reasons I am not a fan of Monday resolutions either … you may know what I mean by that too .. !   ((I’ll start being better on Monday))

I’m pretty sure that we want to succeed, otherwise we would not bother trying in the first place. So, let’s set goals but let’s start with low hanging fruit. I’d rather succeed in 15 little bitty goals than to fail at one huge goal. With every success we will feel more confident and realize that yea, we can keep going. Reaching goals is part dedication, part confidence, part being human, and a few other goodies mixed in.

Strive for 5 pounds instead of 40, aim to work out once a week, then maybe twice, then go from there. Work on improving things while keeping goals attainable and sustainable.

If you do that, you never know how things may look in 6 months!

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