How Well Do We Handle Stress?

Stress .. it’s one of those topics that we sigh when we hear. No one enjoys being stressed out and I’m not sure if anyone is really an ‘expert’ at handling their own stress.

I am fortunate to have a relatively low stress life but, at the same time, when stress arrives I let it get to me initially more than it should.

So what are some easy things we can do to eliminate stress in our lives?

  • Get some Zzzs … a rested mind is a healthy mind. In today’s world we go go GO and have an excessive amount of electronic stimulus. We need to rest our brains and our bodies.
  • Give yourself extra time. Do you have a meeting, an appointment, or something with a time commitment? Leave 5 0r 10 minutes early in case something unexpected occurs (like a car wreck on the way there). Plus, if you arrive early it’s nice to just sit for a minute 🙂
  • Determine the root cause of your stress and figure out the appropriate way to resolve the issue. Upset about a relationship? As much as you may dread having that talk, you may realize that it needs to happen to get past the issues. Over-committed? Determine what it will take to get your life back to a reasonable state. Take a moment, think about the problem, and determine the best solution for it. We get so caught up in the ‘stress’ that we don’t stop to think about our way out of it.
  • Take a deep breath or go for a walk. Sometimes just counting to 10 and breathing helps to calm our emotions.  Sometimes walking away for a second helps us to find the right perspective.

We’ll talk about more later on but, for now, I know I’m going to work on ways to handle my stress better since my work life is starting to become more stressful at the moment!

Thanks for reading!

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