Fitness & Exercising – How Can We Avoid the Dreaded Plateau?

This is typically how it goes … we decide that we are going to make a change .. that change in our life for the better.

We are focused. We start eating better, we are working out, and we start seeing results. YES! We get momentum going and keep pushing ahead.

Then, even though we are doing everything right, it happens. We hit that dreaded plateau and suddenly we stop changing.

What? But we have been faithfully sticking to the plan .. how can this happen. It happens. Let us talk it over.

When we first make a change in habits, for the better our worse, our body reacts to it, and adjusts. Eating better? Burning more calories? Our body starts working more efficiently and that is when change happens. Eventually, however our body adapts to this new schedule, this new life, and it no longer needs to adapt as much. We may still progress, but it just won’t be at the rate that we say before.

This would be a fitness or eating plateau and yes, most everyone has hit it at one time or another.

So, do we accept this as defeat and just go back to our old ways? Of course not. We do exactly what we did before .. we confuse our body back into adjusting again. How?

Change up the order of your routine. When we do the same thing over and over again our body learns what to expect. Change it up. Maybe switch workouts, switch orders, something to throw it all off track.

Take group fitness classes? Try taking something different. Head into that bootcamp class you have never tried. Change the moves up.

Change your focus a bit in your workout. Are you a runner? Maybe switch to speedwork intervals. Maybe work on hills.

Maybe tweak our eating a bit. This is a good time to either change where our big meal is or maybe refine our eating a bit. Make t a goal to cut a bit more sugar out for a couple of weeks. Make a few tweaks to get away from what we are used to.

These are a few suggestions but there can be so many more! The objective is to keep our body evolving and adapting to our fitness journey. If it has to keep adjusting it will keep changing!

Thanks for reading!

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