Things I Love – My Tervis Water Bottle

Anyone who goes to the gym for any long period of time knows that we are always on the lookout for that *great* water bottle. No, really, or is it just me?

For years I was using a bottle from Thermos that I loved (I actually own 3 of them now) but I kept running into an issue. You see, I’m *all over the place* when I am teaching classes at the gym and soon enough that bottle is going to fall, get knock over, or both. The Thermos could not survive “me.”

I walked into the store one day and see that same huge display of tervis water bottleTervis’ that I have always seen. Having a broken heart from busting yet another water bottle I walked to the shelves and started looking them. Decided why not, and bought one.

I think I have had it for almost a year .. a year of bliss an awesomeness. No, really!

For one it’s insulated. Hot stuff stays hot and cold stuff stays cold (I also have a Tervis now that I use obsessively for coffee!).

For two, they put different inserts within the insulation so the designs are endless! You can get your favorite basketball team, cute designs (like what I have in the photo), sayings, etc. There are so many styles out there!

For three, this bottle tolerates me with no issues! I’ve knocked it over once or twice… or 5 times. Never dropped it (I don’t actually think I dropped the Thermos’ to be honest, just tipped them over and BOOM .. sad face) but I am sure it could take it better than any other bottle.

Through all the excessive use (I teach multiple classes a day almost 7 days a week, if not 7 days some weeks) it has maintained its integrity like a champ.

Tervis water bottle with ice<– Oh and when you are like me and leave water in it on freezing days, it does not break either. I’ve done that a few times 😦

The one in the photo is the water bottle style. They also sell tumblers in different sizes, even mugs and such.

If you’re in the market for a new water bottle, or drinking device, I would really and truly give them a look. They are in so many different styles and the quality is top notch!

Thanks for reading!!

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