The Weekend Warrior

I call them the Weekend Warriors, what do others call them? You know, the people that are faithfully in the gym, working out on the weekend, when all of the other people are at home with their feet propped up. It’s usually a mixture of the day crowd and night crowd. They are a bit more laid back and the classes seem a bit more easy going.

I love them.

I was talking to my weekend warriors about ‘themselves’ (ha!) and commending them on coming into the gym, week after week, when most people would rather not.

Fitness, and general good health, is not a Monday – Friday gig .. it’s ongoing and takes no days off. Now that does not mean that we cannot take a break here and there, have a cheat meal, etc. but it means that we should keep our good health in mind even on days off.

Maybe that means we just take weekend walks around the neighborhood or we take a kid-friendly leisurely bike ride. There are many opportunities to make fitness and good health a part of of every day lives.

For others, the weekend warriors, it means we still get out of bed early on Saturdays, we load our gym bags, and head into the gym to get our workout on, because that is what works for us. Besides, we get up early, get our workout out of the way, and are now free to enjoy the rest of the day with those few extra calories burnt 🙂

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