Spinning / Indoor Cycling – How Far Will You Ride in 2015?

I decided last year that I wanted to do something with my class to help inspire and motivate them to stay with their fitness journey, as it relates to spinning / indoor cycling. Also, I thought it would be fun to put ‘real world’ miles to what we are doing in class. So I came up with the idea of ..

How Far Will You Ride in 2015

It’s pretty simple … I made a grid on posterboard where people can log their bike miles. They can be miles in my class, in other classes, on a real bike, etc. Bike miles are bike miles!

Next, I went online (Google Maps) and started calculating distances from the gym to different locations and landmarks. From there to Indianapolis, to the Chicago Bean, etc. I changed it to find directions via bike so that it would give me actual bike miles and not car / expressway miles. I took the posterboard into the room at the gym, where they can log their miles, and as we progress I keep adding more and more distances to a separate printout.

The bikes at our gyms do not have digital screens so we really have no way of knowing exactly what we have ridden in class so I came up with rough numbers (that I’ll probably adjust TBH). At the end of each class we add our number into the running total for ourselves, and can compare it to the miles to see where we are right now.

So far the people I have talked to are enjoying it, and we are only 3 weeks in. I’ve been pretty amazed at how far I’ve personally gotten so I’m curious to see where I am in 6 months!

I thought this would be fun and a bit eye opening when people realize how much ‘real world’ work their legs have been doing!

As the year moves forward I’ll continue to update the blog with how the class is progressing! I thought, based on feedback that this was an idea worth sharing with other instructors. It doesn’t have to start on New Years of course, that was just when I decided to start it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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